Can You Perform SEO on My Wix Website?

SEO for Wix Websites

What is WIX?

Wix is a Build It Yourself website platform where you drag and drop your design and content. No real knowledge of code is required, although their design customization is quite limited as a result.

Wix websites and other Build It Yourself websites are very popular with small entrepreneurs, small businesses and start ups in Toronto and Mississauga area because a large initial investment is not needed to get a website off the ground.

The History of Wix and SEO

Build It Yourself type websites can be SEO unfriendly and render them useless to perform SEO on.  You are then forced to move to another Build It Yourself and expend more time to change platforms or to deal with the $2000 + expense of having your site professionally built.  Wix initially was very SEO unfriendly when it first launched but realizing it’s something site owners starting asking for they have slowly been changing their ways.

In the beginning their sites:

  • Didn’t offer SEO friendly URL’s
  • They framed the content into the page, which doesn’t effect your website visitors, they would have never noticed this but for Google it makes ranking virtually impossible.
  • They also didn’t offer the ability to add unique meta tags to each page which is another kill to a page’s ranking ability.

But with the growing knowledge of SEO over the past 5 years business owners are demanding SEO friendliness from their Content Management Systems and Build It Yourself website suppliers.  Slowly companies like Wix have been improving their SEO friendliness and now offer better features that make the sites SEO friendly but there are still a few issues if you have a Wix site.

  1. If your site is built before Wix updated these changes and your site code / template hasn’t been updated you could still be using the old SEO unfriendly code.
  2. The URL’s have been improved but can still contain what’s called a ‘Hashbang’ which means your URL looks something like this “”.  There is dispute that these URL’s aren’t 100% SEO friendly and that Google still devalues them as they aren’t the pretty “” type URL’s.  This may not stop your site from ranking but it could push you further down the page where equal or better competitors do have cleaner URL’s.
  3. The page is is no longer using ‘frames’ to display the content it does use some heavy JavaScript coding that can still pose some problems for Google’s crawlers and also slow things down another thing Google doesn’t necessarily like.

The Answer Is Maybe

In the long run all Build Your Own sites and Content Management Sites (like WordPress) have their downsides, it’s just whether your downsides:

  1. make your site completely unusable
  2. are more than your competitor’s who rank for your keywords in Google

If they are, then you may need to change your site.  If they aren’t, then you can certainly perform SEO.  But, If you are the outdated version of Wix then no you can’t perform SEO without updating to the latest version of Wix.

If you are a Toronto business owner with a Wix site and unsure if it can be optimized then why not ask for our free SEO analysis. It’s Free! And we don’t hound you afterwards!  What do you have to lose?

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