What is Small Business SEO?

What is Small Business SEO?

There isn’t a “one size fits all” when it comes to SEO solutions but surprisingly a lot of SEO companies will simply offer small business owners a scaled down version of SEO that they would give medium and large sized corporations.  But small businesses simply don’t need all the same services that medium and large companies need, because they typically have more services, more locations, serve a larger area or even a global reach, as well as having more website pages and usually some sort of brand or brands they need to promote.

Small Businesses and sole entrepreneurs still need all the core parts of SEO but you will also need more aggressive SEO tactics as you don’t get that built in recognition from Google like medium and large sized companies get.  Small businesses in Toronto usually have to compete against these larger corporations or the large directory type sites that dominate the top ten like Kijiji, Homestars and Yelp to name a few.  Kijiji and Yelp have particularly become problematic for service based businesses as each one can have 2 to 3 placements in the top ten each, leaving only a few spots for actual business to rank.  So instead competing for the top ten you are really competing for the 3 spots in the top ten left to non directory sites.

Local Toronto SEO and Small Business Growth

Small business SEO typically also needs to go hand in hand with local SEO.  Most small businesses start out targeting their immediate local area and grow from there.  In addition to optimization you will need a Google Business Listing and to analyze your local Toronto competition as well as what directories (Yelp, Kijiji, Homestars etc) are dominating your top ten and to develop a strategy around those in the top ten.   At the same time you will need a long term strategy if you plan to expand outside the local Toronto area or perhaps you want to target more of the GTA and reach to cities like Aurora / Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Markham or Mississauga.  These all require additional pages, link building and social media strategies to get effective results.  But again all different from what a medium or large sized company would need.

Trust Your SEO to Small Business Experts

When it comes to SEO you need to look at companies who understand your small business needs and budget.  You wouldn’t hire KPMG or some other massively large accounting firm to handle your bookkeeping and payroll because they are expensive and they don’t understand your small business needs when they deal with the companies like Coca Cola, Walmart or Fords.  So why would do the same thing with your SEO?  Make sure who you are hiring specializes with small businesses in Toronto and the GTA!

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