Working with a Local Toronto SEO Company

Working with a Local SEO Company

I’m sure you are bombarded by emails and probably even phone calls from companies promising you first page Google results and the are most likely not local either.  In fact most are probably not even in Canada.  So then you consider do you need a local Toronto SEO Company or can someone outside of Toronto, or more than likely Canada, perform as well as a local company can?

Here are some areas dealing with a local Toronto SEO Company is a benefit and worth the additional cost:

The very top of the list and most important is they are accountable!

There are thousands of scenarios here and they all end badly for you.  Unless you are using some sort of escrow service you have the potential to lose money, time or worse yet have your website permanently banned in Google and have no real recourse.  Dealing with a local company means they are accessible and probably care very much about their reputation and making you happy.

They are already experienced with getting Toronto results and the best strategies to get surrounding cities.

Sometimes getting rankings for keywords in Toronto is more competitive and difficult than getting national based keywords.  This one of the highest density rich business areas of Canada and everyone wants a piece of the pie.  Assessing the reality of getting rankings for Toronto based keywords is crucial in knowing what is possible and how long it will take to see results.  Also in determining other areas and keywords that would be possible to target.  For instance a realtor wishing to target “realtors Toronto” isn’t a realistic goal but if they specialize in a specific city or just townhomes or just condos then there are other solutions. Someone outside of Toronto would have a harder time realizing this and might make the mistake or promising unrealistic expectations, which after you’ve paid your hard earned money isn’t around to be accountable.

If you are looking for local Toronto results who better understands the area?

Local SEO has additional tasks over traditional SEO that help improve your rankings for keywords in your immediate area.  Who better than a local SEO company can:

  • understand neighbourhood names like North York and Etobicoke in relation to Toronto
  • understand cultural neighbourhoods and areas of town
  • A local SEO company can make sure you are taking full advantage of everything you can do for local results than someone right here in Toronto.

A local SEO company gets the references, nuances and spellings right.

If this company will be engaged in writing content for your blog, your website or your social media then understanding Canadian spelling, Toronto references will be the difference between creating great content over good content for your site.

Meeting up in person is always a great way to understand the business.

When it comes to SEO the company, or person needs to understand what you do to be sure they are getting the best keywords to target and not everything is easy to communicate by email or over the phone.  Plus it’s always good to have that human connection with someone who has the power to make or break your business.

As you can see there are some compelling arguments to choose a local company over an off-shore or even company in another part of Canada. But as all things you need to weigh the pros and cons against your own personal business needs.

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