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BigCommerce is an SEO Friendly Platform

BigCommerce is a great e-commerce platform and there are many Toronto and Canadian business owners who run their e-stores on BigCommerce with great success.  The main thing is that it’s also a great SEO Friendly platform that can achieve great local, national and global rankings.  So whether your store is here in Toronto to sell just to Toronto or across Canada or to the world it has the potential to rank well.

What Makes BigCommerce SEO Friendly

Most ecommerce software these days is SEO friendly but BigCommerce has all the bells and whistles on top of it.  Some of the key SEO friendly features are:

  • Control URLs and their automatic URLs generated by product or category names are also SEO friendly
  • They have the ability to add meta tags to all your category and product pages but it will also automate the process with content from the page and the category or product name
  • The add the product name to product images as the alt tag
  • The ability to add content to the home page and category pages
  • They are PCI compliant and also highly trusted secure platform (Google is all about the trust)

Toronto SEO with BigCommerce

Is completely possible to rank locally with BigCommerce in Canada and Toronto. To rank locally your store will need to be set up with a few key things in the design and content.

First would be your local address and contact information.  For those with a brick and mortar location this usually isn’t a problem but for home-based businesses this can get a bit trickier.  Why this is important is that you need to show Google where you are which then also ties in with your Google Business Listing for map based results. If you are a home based business then you may want to consider a business address service (note this is not to be confused with a P.O. Box as Google won’t accept them as part of their Business listing service.  If you still can’t show the address then it would be best to at least show the city and postal code and be sure to use a local number and not a toll free.  It further supports your location in the Greater Toronto Area or Toronto.  The address and local phone number and even a google map should be located in the ‘Footer’ (bottom area of the page) area of your website.  This will ensure it’s clear to Google this is important because it’s on every page.

The second thing you should do to help your BigCommerce site rank locally in Toronto or the GTA is to mention your areas in the written content of your site.  So for instance, on the home page when you discuss what you have to offer, then also discuss where you are and the areas you serve in your content. Don’t forget to narrow down to neighbourhoods and mention those too.

The third thing is you want to be sure that your site is enabled with Geo Tags that mark your location.  This is another marker that Google looks at when determining your local area. Geo tags are added in the code that only search engines can see and if you aren’t sure what they are, that’s where an SEO company can help you out!

Lastly list any affiliations you have in the GTA like Small Business Associations, chamber of commerce, BIA’s etc.  it’s another great local queue you can add to your site for Google to see.

National SEO with BigCommerce

Ranking nationally in Canada is very possible with BigCommerce.   A few of the same things listed above applies to national rankings.  It’s still important to list your address so Google does know you are in Canada since your hosting server won’t be as BigCommerce servers are located in the US.  The other thing is you also want to ensure your currency is marked in Canadian dollars and you can discuss within your shipping national and international options but under national options list Canadian provinces.

And like local you want to mention your are in Canada and serve Canada and if your products are also Canadian that’s an extra bonus.  Don’t be afraid to mention it as Google learns all about you from what you say on your site and the address and phone numbers you list.  So it’s also important to list a local number along with a toll free.

Global SEO with BigCommerce

When you target a global audience you don’t need to be so overly heavy with your location and local phone numbers unless you also want to target locally or nationally, along with international results.

With Global results you do want to be clear to Google you sell to everyone ways you can do this are:

  1. Include “World Wide Shipping” terms in your content and on your product pages
  2. Under your shipping and returns page include the different regions you ship to and perhaps even some of the top countries you prefer to deal with and if you have a special shipping instructions for certain countries.  The more detailed the page is the better it is for Google to understand what countries you want to deal with if it’s not fully global.
  3. On your home pages dedicate a paragraph of text explaining to visitors (and Google) what countries you sell to (i.e. world wide, Europe, North America) and where you ship to and list a few key countries (not all as that would look like spamming).

Last Piece of the SEO Puzzle

The items above lay some of the ground work to achieve SEO rankings in Google for your desired target area.  The big key is setting up your category / sub-category/ product structure in the proper hierarchy that Google likes but also ensuring that your key categories are optimized with proper keyword research, properly optimized meta tags and content.

Proper hierarchy structure will ensure that your categories are spread out too thin where you have too many sub categories and not enough products in each category or concentrated too thick so that you have tons of product in a category that aren’t necessarily logically placed together or makes it too hard for someone to narrow down the product they want.

If you aren’t sure of the best structure or how to write the best optimized content or meta tags that might be worth consulting with a company about or hiring an SEO company to help with.  This step is crucial to being found and done wrong can cause a world of problems with Google.

Working with a Local Toronto SEO Company

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