Content, Content, Content! What You Need For Google 2019

Content is King

We’ve heard it for many years now that “content is king” with Google.  But if content is king then the new E.A.T update from 2018 is Queen and Rank Brain is Emperor.

What does this mean to you the small business owner in Toronto?  It means you probably should hire someone experienced with SEO to write that content! Or at the very least an SEO company that will adjust and amend your content for these key factors.  10 years ago it was easy to have great content that Google loved as long as you were specific to the keyword you were targeting and didn’t spam the page with keyword density.  Now it’s much more complicated!  Not only do you need to write for the human audience you have to make sure the content is original, engaging and can retain your audience.  It also needs to convey your E.A.T qualities which stand for Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness.  And lastly, you need to consider Google’s Artificial Intelligence Rank Brain.  Rank Brain will read your content and need to understand what you do, who it’s for, where you sell your services or products and much more.

According to SearchEngineLand

“Google’s Andrey Lipattsev reveals links, content and RankBrain are the top three ranking signals in Google’s search algorithm.”

Terminator image courtesy of The Verge

Rank Brain & Rankings

Mention Rank Brain and SEO people immediately joke of Skynet and Terminator. As Homer says in The Simpsons “It’s Funny Because It’s True” and there is some relevance to that joke. Rank Brain originally served up about 10% of search results and in just 2 years it’s now serving up 100% of all search results. It’s learning and adapting at a staggering rate. That means when you search “Chinese Near Me” it is understanding your intent that you want to know what Chinese restaurants are near your immediate physical location. In addition to all of this you have to consider mobile searches on the go, voice searches done through Siri and Google Assistant, as well as regular searches, done from a desktop. You need to be sure you mention what areas of Toronto you serve, even get down to a specific neighbourhood if it applies. If you serve the entire GTA then say that. Talk about things you have done, sold or provided to that area or get testimonials from someone in each area you serve.

Google EAT Update

E.A.T Update & Rankings

E.A.T has had a huge impact on the YMYL type sites which are sites that have to do with Your Money (finance) and Your Life (Health). But it’s important for all small businesses regardless of what they do, sell or provide to talk about what makes them an Expert or an Authority in their industry and what makes them Trustworthy. These can be met by talking about how long you have been around, how many years of experience you have, how many satisfied clients you have and the use of case studies or testimonials. If you are new talk about what sets you apart and why you plan to be different, how you are honest and ethical etc.

Engagement & SEO Rankings

And last but not least you need to write for humans. But just listing what you do or what you sell isn’t enough anymore. Google is watching how people engage with your content. If they leave quickly, don’t look at many pages and other traffic indicators will impact your rankings. Google’s rationale is that if people aren’t staying on the site, there must be something wrong or missing on your page related to the search performed. You need to sell people on what you have to offer them. Give them use cases, examples of how people use the service or products, what benefits it gave them and other engaging content to keep readers interested and moving through your site to learn more about you or the product or service.

Content will drive the success of your website but should you really be writing it yourself? Think of it like your car. Would you repair your engine yourself? Watch a youtube video and try to replace a timing belt or replace a head gasket? Probably not, so why leave the most important ranking factor as a side task to your small business. You really should trust it to an SEO company that understands what Google is doing and has experienced English writers who will provide you with professionally written content that will properly represent your company and know how to impact rankings. (like us!).

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