BigCommerce Partner and Developer

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BigCommerce is an ecommerce platform that is both powerful and reliable and the BigCommerce plugin for WordPress provides countless design and functionality options.


If you are considering a BigCommerce website or already have a BigCommerce website, we are here to help you as a BigCommerce Partner.

How We Can Help

As a partner, we have extensive knowledge of the BigCommerce platform and functionalities, and provide design, support, SEO and maintenance services . No matter your needs we are here to help you with everything from start to finish:


We will happily answer all your BigCommerce related questions. We can also assess your needs and explain how BigCommerce might work for you and what to consider. Of course, we love everything BigCommerce and think it’s a fantastic platform, but we also know their platform isn’t for everyone. We will give you honest objectivity and recommend the best platform for your needs and goals.


Custom Design
Our design team will work with you to tailor a template to your design specifications and ensure the store looks professional across all screens.  It will be designed from the bottom up with SEO in mind. Our designs can incorporate mega menus, banners, custom home pages, newsletter signups and more.


Set Up
There is a lot to set up to get BigCommerce up and running including setting up categories, importing products, setting up shipping zones and rates, setting up taxes, setting up payment methods, adding content pages and much more.  Once setup they all need to be properly tested as well.  We are here to help with all of that whether you are new to ecommerce or migrating off another platform.


Additional Functionality
Sometimes you need functionality that exceeds what BigCommerce offers. We can help to source the best add-ons, set them up and test them.


We have optimized countless BigCommerce stores and understand the best hierarchies and structure for effective SEO and how to use the native functions of BigCommerce to optimize right down to a product level.


Our staff can help with updating sales, graphics, products and more. We are always available to help.

Why Choose BigCommerce For Your eCommerce Website

When it comes to choosing platforms there are quite a few hosted eCommerce platforms. Not sure what a hosted versus non-hosted eCommerce platform is? Read more about choosing an ecommerce platform. They all seem to have similar features and pricing so how do you choose?


Here are the things to consider with BigCommerce.


  1. Pricing
    You can start off at a low rate of $29 a month and slowly grow to the higher rates.  Price increases are based on total sales volume, so you only pay more when you make more. Some other platforms charge a higher amount immediately, or restrict your features, or charge you on a percentage of your sales if you don’t utilize their merchant services.

  2. Stability, Security & Speed
    Like all hosted platforms, they offer a stable and secure platform that is considered a Tier 1 secure site.  They offer additional features like a cdn for images, compressed code and minify to help support a fast site.

  3. Support
    Their support is one of the best in the industry.  They are easy to reach via phone, chat and email 24/7. Whether it’s a problem with your store or you can’t remember how to add a product, you will always have someone to call for help.

  4. Features
    They offer a good range of features and are always developing more.  Their product features are robust and accommodate most scenarios. They also offer the ability to add 3rd party platforms for additional functionality. For most retailers and small businesses, BigCommerce has everything you need included in their price.

  5. BigCommerce for WordPress
    You are likely wondering why you would want to merge BigCommerce with WordPress. Well, it opens a huge door for design. One of the biggest complaints against ALL hosted (paid) ecommerce platforms is that their design capabilities are quite limited. This plugin now gives you the stability, security and support of BigCommerce PLUS the custom design you have always wanted.

BigCommerce offers a feature rich, scalable solution for all business owners where you can rest assured that the most important piece of your online business is secure and stable.