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Display Advertising

Display advertising utilizes graphics, video or text ads that appear in front of consumers in order to develop visibility and sales. Display ads satisfy the marketing rule of seven where a consumer needs to see something seven times or more to impact them.

Display advertising develops brand awareness and the overall health of the brand. Studies have shown that people needs to be exposed to your brand seven times before it impacts them. This is sometimes called the rule of seven and a better understanding of it will show how display advertising can get you on the road to success or achieving the seven views needed.


Google remarketing helps to bring your business in front of those again who may have already visited your website. The ads appear on the pages of other websites that they visit which provides you with multiple points of visibility.


Strike while the iron is hot by following up on visitors who have already expressed interest in your goods and services.


We are Google Partners and experts that can create, manage and report on an effective display marketing campaign.


Google offers several diverse ways to remarket.

Standard Remarketing

Standard remarketing places ads in front of those people who have already visited your website in the past. The premise of this is that they must have been somewhat interested in your business to have visited your website in the past and you add reminders as they move through the Internet help to reinforce your brand awareness. You can also advertise special deals and offers to entice them to purchase your product or service.

Dynamic Remarketing

Dynamic remarketing is the same as standard remarketing with the difference that specific products and services that were viewed by the visitor in the past can again be targeted to stay top of mind and ultimately purchase your product.

Remarketing for Mobile Apps

Remarketing for mobile apps is the same as standard remarketing with the difference that ads target mobile websites and applications.

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

Remarketing lists for search ads targets those individuals who have researched your products or services by tailoring ads to convert these individuals into customers. It is an effective way of urging these people to purchase your product.

Video Remarketing

Video remarketing is the same as standard remarketing in the sense that it is placing ads in front of individuals, with the difference that it pertains to videos on YouTube and within your website.

Email-List Remarketing

Email list remarketing is an effective way to sell or upsell to individuals that are listed within a list of email addresses provided by the client. When these individuals are logged into Google or YouTube or Gmail ads can specifically target them.

Our Competitive Advantage

We are excellent at creating add graphics with compelling content that delivers actionable results and with the right amount of sales pressure. Some businesses or industries require a softer sell while others benefit from a more competitive or intrusive add type.


We can create, launch, manage and report on the display ads for your business. We only need your initial input on your goals and each month we will report on the display ads and course correct when necessary.


Remarketing ads can be displayed as text, images and even video. Show some examples of remarketing ads as examples of what we can do for our clients.


Display ads not only provide you with the opportunity to sell your goods but it also helps to build the baseline health of your brand by keeping it top of mind. Your ads can be viewed by millions on the Internet and in this sense, they are the equivalent to billboards that advertise to commuters. The primary difference is that display ads cost pennies on the dollars as compared to outdoor billboards.


Display ads are a natural extension of your marketing plan and play an important role in developing brand awareness.


Display ads are much less expensive than standard pay per click ad campaigns and provide excellent ROI. Even if they are left unclicked, they have made an impression on the visitor.