Ecommerce Design Services

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We Make it Easy to Succeed Online

We can help you select an ecommerce platform that best suits your needs and budget, and design it according to your specifications. We will also handle setting up taxes, shipping rates, product importing and merchant provider setup. We’ll get you started and support you every step of the way.


And best of all, our ecommerce services are affordable.

Why Choose Us as Your Ecommerce Design Team?

Professional Design & Development

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Affordable Ongoing Support

$599 per month and we manage everything for you. You can have a professional ecommerce store designed to your specifications and completely managed by us so that you can focus on your business and not technical issues PLUS you will receive our monthly SEO service. The BEST value anywhere. We manage your ecommerce shop and provide you with our ongoing SEO service for one low fee.

Affordable Design and Setup

One-time fee from $3000.  You can enjoy a complete ecommerce solution for your business for an affordable one-time fee. We design it to your specifications and set everything up for you, and you host it wherever you wish. Does not include ongoing support.

Your Competitive Advantage

We have the experience (since 2003), the expertise (on all major Ecommerce platforms) and the ability to deliver top results affordably. 

Any Ecommerce Platform

Give Us Your Wish List

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Hosted & Non-Hosted Solutions

Ecommerce websites can be designed using several platforms with each having their own merits and limitations. We can help you choose an ecommerce platform that works best for your business, products, budget, and design it from the ground up with marketing and SEO built right into it. 

Countless Features

We can design your website with any of the latest ecommerce platforms and integrate hundreds of useful features that will make your life easier and your client’s experience better.


Our initial needs assessment can help determine the best platform for your specific needs and more features can be added as the need arises. We will also let you know of restrictions and limitations of your chosen platform as sometimes they can be more rigid to design, depending on their code and requirements.

Professional & Appealing Design

Mobile-Friendly, SEO-Friendly and Responsive Designs

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Custom Designed

Your new ecommerce store will be built to your specifications so that it is a natural extension of your business that can work in combination with an existing informational website or, it can replace it and import the old site’s content.

Built-In SEO

We develop online businesses from the ground up with ecommerce SEO in mind, so that your ecommerce website has the proper foundation in which to build organic traffic through the search engines. There’s no point in having an ecommerce website if nobody can find it.


Your new ecommerce shop’s SEO will attract consumers and the design will help convert them into purchasers and process their orders efficiently and effortlessly. 

Professional Setup

Optimal Setup for Visitors, your Admins and Google

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Setup of Core Functions

The proper setup for taxes, checkout and shipping are crucial to ecommerce functionality. We will set up your tax structure, merchant provider and/or other payment methods such as Pay Pal as well as your desired shipping methods.


Setting these up properly can be very confusing, and because they are foundational to your ecommerce shop, they need the touch of an experienced hand.

Products & Categories

Product importing and setup can be a daunting task, especially for shops that have thousands of products.

We can help facilitate product imports and ensure they are added to the correct category structure. If you are building a new ecommerce store and don’t have products in an import file, we can help format a csv (Excel spreadsheet) for you and walk you through the process of importing. Either way we will make sure your shop is setup correctly.

Setup, Testing and Launch

Going Live with Your New Ecommerce Site

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Once the site is setup it is crucial to test all the possible checkout options to ensure they are correctly set up and working. This would include testing orders from multiple provinces or states to ensure taxes, shipping costs, international or multi-currency orders and orders of multiple products and quantities are setup correctly.


Once launched, the site needs to be completely checked and reviewed to spot any post-launch issues. This may include changed URL’s as each platform builds it URL differently, so 301 redirects need to be setup and the new website needs to be submitted to Google for indexing to help facilitate the indexing of the new pages.


We will provide custom video tutorials, user manuals and support so that you are comfortable right from the beginning. As a monthly SEO client you will get full and ongoing support, where we take care of everything so that you can focus on your business and not ecommerce issues.

What to Expect From Us

We are a Customer-Focused Company

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Easy to Work With

Meetings in-person, by phone or screen sharing and call us anytime with your questions or for advice.

Keep You Informed

We always keep you informed of our progress and ourselves focused on your online success. 

Insights and Strategizing

It is important to see updated data each month but we go the extra mile and provide detailed and actionable recommendations and value-added insights each and every month.

The Best ROI

We offer the best Internet marketing ROI in the business, so start with us for value and stay with us for results.