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Google Ads Management

Google Ads make instant rankings in Google’s search results possible, and companies can flourish with good visibility in Google. Ads are posted and a fee is charged each time someone clicks on the ad. If someone sees your ad but doesn’t click it, you don’t pay.


Benefits of Google Ads:


  • Immediate placement at top of search results
  • Offset poor organic rankings
  • Geotargeting for precise targeting
  • Many advertising options
  • Set a budget that stops ads when budget is depleted.
  • Great for special events or sales
  • Temporary campaigns for seasonal products

For the basics on how Google Ads work read our article Google Ads: The Basics.


Why hire us to manage your Google Ads?


The advantage of using a Google Partner to set up and manage your PPC campaigns is that we have been trained and tested on all facets of Google Ads and we will ensure that everything is setup properly and at the lowest costs possible. There are a lot of ways to waste money on Google Ads when you don’t know the system very well. We will manage everything from beginning to launch of promotion.


  1. It’s also important to know and understand the best way to group your ad groups and keywords and write effective ads that appeal to those searching but also to Google’s quality score.
  2. It’s important to know all the campaign and ad group settings so you only open your ads to your target area and desired display area (Google Search, Network Partners, or the entire Display Network). Missing something as simple as a checkbox here could mean you show your ads everywhere, when maybe that wasn’t your intention.
  3. Choosing the right keywords is important. Keywords that are too generic can waste your budget by getting a lot of clicks that aren’t converting into sales.
  4. Using Negative keywords effectively. A negative keyword is when you don’t want your ad to appear for something you don’t sell. For instance, if you sold hats in Toronto but you don’t sell boy hats you could add the negative keyword “boy”.
  5. Bidding strategies can help you display your ads at the times your visitors appear to be most active, and other strategies involving costs per click, setting goals to improve conversions and much more boost effectiveness and reduce costs.

#5 is important on an ongoing basis as there will always be an ebb and flow to the bidding process, especially if your business is seasonal. Competitors typically increase spending during busy periods and if you don’t monitor and adjust your bidding on a regular basis your ads will drop out of your desired placement.


Google Ads Setup & Management


Pricing for the setup and monthly management of Google Ads depends on the number of campaigns, ad groups and keywords you wish to target. You likely don’t know how many ad groups or keywords you should target, so we always provide a free quote that includes research into your business and industry, most searched keywords to target and estimated costs for the campaign.


We are Google Partners and can create Google Ad campaigns for your business that are effective, efficient, and at the best cost. Our results have helped develop many successful long-term relationships with our clients, many of whom have been with us for over a decade, and we hope to add you to our long list of satisfied customers.


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