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Google Ads – The Basics

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Benefits of Google Ads


Instant Traffic

There is no greater benefit than the instant flow of traffic it can generate for your website. This is why it’s often used to supplement new websites not yet achieving SEO and organic traffic.


Supplement Poor Google Rankings & Seasonal

Even with the best SEO, not every keyword ranks at the top and Google Ads can supplement hard to achieve keywords as well as seasonal items that can change throughout the year.


Reach More Than Just Search

Organic targets only search result pages, however, Google Ads can also be used to reach Youtube, Display sites, Google Shopping and smaller search engines in their partner network.


Geographic Targeting

The beautiful thing about Google Ads is the ability to control where your ads show, you can easily reach Toronto or the whole of the Greater Toronto area or just Mississauga or the expanded Kitchener Waterloo, Cambridge areas or just one city. Or you can target provincially, nationally or globally.

What are Google Ads?


Google Ads make instant rankings in Google’s search results possible, and companies can live and die by their visibility in Google. Ads are posted and a fee is charged each time someone clicks on the ad. If someone sees your ad but doesn’t click it you don’t pay.


Google Ads are the largest vendor of search ads in the world and are pretty much the best place to advertise when you are looking at online advertising.


The impression that Google Ads are expensive or don’t yield a return on your investment isn’t true. When Google ads are set up and organized by a Google Partner campaigns, ads, keywords and targeting will be optimized for performance and best cost per click possible to ensure you get the most benefit from your ad spend.

Google Ads Options 


Google Ads have changed a lot since the first days when Google launched Adwords. You can still buy ads for your search terms in Google but there is a world of other types of ads you can consider as well:

Screenshot of Google Ads in browser

Search Ads

These are the most common ads and displays when someone completes a search in Google. With these ads you pay for ads for specific keywords around your products, services, events etc.

Display Ads

These graphic ads display throughout Google’s Display Network, which includes YouTube, apps and millions of websites. These can include sites like The Weather Network, CNN and other high-level sites to popular blogs, forums and informational sites.

Screenshot of display ads in browser
Screenshot of video ads in browser

Video Ads

Video Pay Per Click ads typically show up in YouTube but there are other sites in the Google Network your video ads can display.

Shopping Ads

These ads are a great way to get your individual products seen for relevant searches. Shopping ads are typically connected with ecommerce sites and use feeds to pull in products.

Screenshot of Shopping Ads in browser
Screenshot of Remarketing Ads in browser

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing Pay Per Click ads are a very inexpensive way to stay top of mind with those that have visited your site. Using the display network and graphic ads, your ads will be shown to visitors of our website as they visit display sites like CNN, The Weather Network, blogs, forums and many other sites.

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic Ads are an easy way to create a campaign in that Google selects content from your website that matches what was searched. This has the added benefit of appearing for search keywords and search terms you may have overlooked. Your website needs to have good content for this type of Ad to perform optimally.

Screenshot of Dynamic Ads in browser
Screenshot of Local Ads in browser

Local Ads

Local Ads are essential for brick and mortar store locations that need to drive walk-in traffic. These ads can appear in Google searches, the map results and YouTube.

App Ads

App Ads promote your app through regular Google searches, the Display Network, Google Play, YouTube and more.

Screenshot of App Ads in browser

When to Use Google Ads


No better way to quickly and immediately get the word out about a special event or sale you have coming up. Search, Display and Remarketing ads are perfect for reaching new and existing customers.


A great way to promote and sell seasonal products or services where SEO can’t always deliver results in time for the upcoming season.


Perhaps your just starting out your SEO marketing or some of your keywords are very competitive and will take a bit longer than the others. Search Ads and PPC can help get that exposure.


Maybe you are new and you just wish to get your brand out there and recognized. Video, Display and Search ads are perfect for this exposure.


Keep top of mind to those that have visited your site by having ads that follow them to the various sites they may visit in Google’s network of sites.


You may have top rankings but want to secure the top ad spot as well, so of the current 4 ad spots not all 4 are competitors.

Google Ads Setup & Management


Pricing for the setup and monthly management of Google Ads depends on the number of campaigns, ad groups and keywords you wish to target. You likely don’t know how many ad groups or keywords you should target, so we always provide a free quote that includes research into your business and industry, most searched keywords to target and estimated costs for the campaign. 

We are Google Partners and can create Google Ad campaigns for your business that are effective, efficient, and at the best cost. Our results have helped develop many successful long-term relationships with our clients, many of whom have been with us for over a decade, and we hope to add you to our long list of satisfied customers.


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