Google Business Listing

Google Business Listing Management

Google Business Listings are a crucial part of local SEO. Business listings typically come up as someone searches your business name directly, however, it will also be used for Map-based results that can show for keywords related to your business, which can draw from a well-optimized business listing or a well-optimized website. This is why Business Listings are also a key factor in a good SEO strategy as it enables your site to be in the top results both in the map listings and organically on the page which helps to secure in a researcher’s mind that you are clearly an authority for what they have searched.


A business listing shouldn’t have the Ron Popiel “Set it and forget it” attitude. It is something that has a lot of features and can be used to really highlight your business and services or products. It goes beyond just an address and phone number. You can list hours and also list holiday hours or closings. It’s been a crucial tool for updating for COVID-19 related changes such as your business is closed, open, has reduced hours and know they can trust what they are seeing is accurate. In addition to that, you can show images of the exterior and interior of your business, provide updates and information on sales, specials and new products.

Screenshot of Google Business Listing

How We Can Help

We are here to help you succeed online and managing your business listing is one of those tasks. We can help manage and optimize your listing so you maximize it’s potential. 


We can help with the following:

Access To Your Account – Owing Your Listing

If you don’t currently have control or own your listing or you don’t have one we can help you gain control of your listing or make a new listing for your new business. If you have lost access or never had access to your listing there are things that can be done in an attempt to gain back that access. The last resort should be to set up a new listing, as listing placement in map results are based on age. A change that came about a few years ago to combat those spamming the map results with multiple listings in an attempt to get multiple results.


It’s also important to have access and control of your listing as your competitors and people outside your company can suggest edits such as that your are closed permanently, have different hours, different location, different phone number. By having access you can deny those suggestions before they are ever published or change them back should they get changed.

Complete and Optimized Information

One mistake that some companies do is to put barebones information and skip the business descriptions but also the services list and more. The more complete your listing is the more value it has to customers but also Google. One mistake some businesses do is to spam the listing information by trying to put keywords in every area of the information they enter. Both of these have a negative impact. We can help to make sure your business listing is complete but also follows the guidelines for proper optimization.


We can add photos of your location and also ensure images are cropped and edited to the optimal sizes.

Keeping Your Listing Updated

There is a wealth of information that can be added to a business listing. Keeping it full and updated is important and we can help with this. This can include:

  • Hour changes
  • Contact information and address changes
  • Adding new locations
  • Adding Event, sales and new products
  • Maintaining the services list and business listing general information
  • Special updates such as the provisions for COVID-19 closures or reduced hours
  • Adding new photos or videos