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We were founded in 2003 with the goal of providing professional and affordable Internet marketing services for small and mid-sized businesses in Mississauga, Toronto, Kitchener and throughout Canada and the United States.


Whether your business is local, regional, national, or international we will deliver more website traffic, visibility and sales.

Trouble with

low local rankings?

low national rankings?

poor sales?

stagnant growth?

design issues?

poor visibility?

declining website traffic?

declining store traffic?

low local rankings?

low national rankings?

poor sales?

We've Got You Covered

Local SEO

We will give your business a big boost with top rankings in Google’s local search results for any industry.

National SEO

We will deliver top national Google rankings, greater visibility and increased sales for your business.

Paid Search

We are Google Partners and create campaigns that provide the best results at the lowest price.


We are ecommerce partners with Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and are ecommerce SEO experts.

Website Design

We have been designing websites since 2003 that are attractive, professional with built-in SEO.

Outsourcing SEO

Many digital marketing companies outsource their SEO to us as consultants and on a white label basis.

Best Sales
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We just had our best month in December on internet sales. That is very good because December is not usually a good month for sales in our industry.
Excellent Service
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Excellent service, dedicated and hardworking. Driven where results are the standard!
Tremendous Results
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Total Internet Marketing’s services have given us tremendous exposure.
Best at What They Do
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“We trust the team at TIM to keep our website attracting customers, looking professional and running 24/7. They really are the best at what they do.”

Local SEO

Local shopping bag graphic

Getting Noticed

Appear at the top of Google search results for your product’s keywords.

Qualified Leads

People are actively searching for your products so introduce yourself.

One Click from Becoming a Customer

No other marketing tool can deliver better leads who are just one click away.


Organic search listings are free for those businesses that are optimized correctly.

Local SEO

Local businesses need every advantage they can get to compete with national chain stores and local SEO is something that can improve their odds.


Online stores and websites can stream qualified leads to brick-and -mortar locations and can expand geographical reach beyond the confines of local shops. Local businesses have never had it better, with opportunities for growth and new revenue.


The biggest boost you could possibly give to your local brick-and-mortar store is to appear in Google’s local search results. Google’s Map results are displayed in a box called Local Pack rankings.


Read more about our Local SEO.

Get More Sales With Our SEO

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Getting Noticed

Our SEO will get your business ranked at the top of Google searches for your specific keywords.

Guiding Traffic Directly to Your Business

Google will provide a regular stream of qualified leads, those that are actually searching for your product.

Leads Converting into Sales

Our on-page marketing funnels visitors to your website into achieving a goal, such as buying your product online or visiting your store.


SEO plans are tailored to any size of store and budget, and there are no fees per click like PPC.



We have been providing the best SEO value since 2003. What does this mean for you and your small or medium sized business? You get our knowledge of Google and all of our experience with making small to medium sized businesses succeed online locally, regionally, provincially, nationally and internationally.


We are extremely successful at delivering top rankings and web traffic and we measure the rate at which your new visitors are converting into sales and report our findings to you each month. These findings are included in our monthly report each month that detail your search engine rankings and website traffic. Deep traffic and conversion analysis can also be provided in order to improve conversions, as can a myriad of other services that ensure your online business develops successfully.


SEO is easily the best money and time you can spend on your business, and the best investment you could possibly make.

Mississauga SEO

Mississauga is a unique market; in that it has a population of nearly 800,000 but is also a subset of Toronto. Because of this local Mississauga businesses often try to target all of Toronto rather than just the Mississauga market and they end up with mediocre rankings.


Mississauga is a very competitive market and businesses must rank well in the search engine rankings and use successful marketing campaigns to set themselves apart. The good news is that an extremely expensive ad in the Yellow Pages is no longer required, and an inexpensive Internet marketing strategy Could bring more traffic to your business than the old yellow page ads.


Read more about our Mississauga SEO Services.

Toronto SEO

There are great opportunities for businesses in Toronto due its large and diversified economy and population. It is home to more national head offices than any other city in Canada. It has great economies of scale and it is possible to have great organic rankings and other exposure on the Internet for the Toronto, the GTA, and within specialized local markets such as BIA’s (business improvement areas).


Because the Toronto area is so competitive you may want to consider a strategy of optimizing for searches that are more specific than broad based searches. The search that you would target would be more product specific and it will funnel down to people searching for your subcategories.


Read more about our Toronto SEO Services.

Even More Reasons To Love Us

Best Results


We deliver results where others may be unable to and its always achieved by white hat methods. We outrank hundreds of thousands of competitors across Canada and the USA and we will get you there too.


Since 2003

Our trained experts in digital marketing, SEO, web, social media and ecommerce can make, market, manage and maintain your online business so that you can focus on other things such as the new business we deliver.


Customer Satisfaction

Our customers love us and some are still with us from the very beginning in 2003 because of our friendly service and results.

Most Trusted


We often get calls from people who have been burned by third-rate ‘professionals’ and end up fixing their mistakes.



We represent the best digital marketing value available due to our fair pricing and exceptional results.

Expert Marketers


Our trained experts in internet marketing, SEO, web, social media and e-commerce can make, market, manage and maintain your online business so that you can focus on other things such as the new business we deliver.

Sell Your Products & Services Online

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Sell Online and Offline

Our clients that had online shops weathered the Covid pandemic while others lost everything.

More Sales

We are marketing experts and we will deliver more sales than any of our over-priced competitors.

We are Ecommerce Experts

We are experts of all ecommerce platforms and we can manage everything so you can focus on your business.


Our ecommerce services are very affordable regardless of the size of your business.

Sell Online

How do you know which ecommerce platform to use? We will explain who the major players are, what their differences are and what each platform can do for your business. We will walk you through everything and make sure you get the best software that meets your needs along with a professional and eye-catching design.


So whether you choose BigCommerce, Shopify or WooCommerce and WordPress we will make the process painless and affordable.


Read more about our Ecommerce services.

Professional Website Design

website design infographic

We offer professional web design services for small to medium-sized businesses in Toronto, Mississauga, Kitchener-Waterloo across Canada and the USA.


Our designs, of course, are SEO-friendly and mobile friendly to ensure your website is built to perform well in the search engines from the ground up. There are still design companies out there building websites that don’t meet the standards of Google. We are not one of them!


Whether you want a responsive HTML website or a beautiful WordPress website we can do it all. We build the website based on how you want your business represented and marry it to our seo and marketing so that it doesn’t just look pretty, it performs well. 

And you get all of this for an affordable price! Read more about our Web Design Services.

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