Content, Content, Content! What You Need For Google 2019

Content is King We’ve heard it for many years now that “content is king” with Google.  But if content is king then the new E.A.T update from 2018 is Queen and Rank Brain is Emperor. What does this mean to you the small business owner in Toronto?  It means you probably should hire someone experienced [...]

SEO Services for BigCommerce Owners in Toronto

BigCommerce SEO BigCommerce is an SEO Friendly Platform BigCommerce is a great e-commerce platform and there are many Toronto and Canadian business owners who run their e-stores on BigCommerce with great success.  The main thing is that it’s also a great SEO Friendly platform that can achieve great local, national and global rankings.  So whether […]

Working with a Local Toronto SEO Company

Working with a Local SEO Company I'm sure you are bombarded by emails and probably even phone calls from companies promising you first page Google results and the are most likely not local either.  In fact most are probably not even in Canada.  So then you consider do you need a local Toronto SEO Company [...]

SEO for Ecommerce Sites

What is Different for SEO with E-commerce Sites E-commerce sites require a little different SEO strategy over a normal business or informational website.  E-commerce sites have a vast number of pages thanks to the category / sub category / product like structure and opens the ability to rank for a huge range of keywords when [...]

What is Small Business SEO?

What is Small Business SEO? There isn’t a “one size fits all” when it comes to SEO solutions but surprisingly a lot of SEO companies will simply offer small business owners a scaled down version of SEO that they would give medium and large sized corporations.  But small businesses simply don’t need all the same […]

What Makes Your Site Mobile Friendly?

What is a Mobile Friendly Site? In it’s purest definition a mobile friendly site is one that is easy to navigate, read and view the information for each website page without the need to zoom in and zoom out, regardless of the mobile device screen size. It also must be quick to load, no one has […]

Can You Perform SEO on My Wix Website?

SEO for Wix Websites What is WIX? Wix is a Build It Yourself website platform where you drag and drop your design and content. No real knowledge of code is required, although their design customization is quite limited as a result. Wix websites and other Build It Yourself websites are very popular with small entrepreneurs, [...]

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