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We are an established Internet marketing agency that has been providing professional SEO, PPC, website design, ecommerce, and outsourcing SEO services since 2003. We are experienced and can market your business to its fullest and at an affordable cost.


We are good at what we do and our internet marketing services are affordable for small businesses in Mississauga, Kitchener, Toronto, across Canada and the USA and globally. Our results coupled with affordable rates equal the best internet marketing value available anywhere. And to top it all off we are a customer-oriented company that believes in providing the best service possible.


Our internet marketing services are a perfect fit for small to mid-sized companies that know they need internet marketing and can’t find suitable employees and don’t want to pay exorbitant fees typically charged by internet marketing companies. We can provide one service, several or we can take care of all your business needs for an affordable price so that you can focus on your business – and all of the new customers that you will be getting.


We always keep you in the loop with monthly reports that detail exactly where you started and how things are developing.

The following is a list of the individual Internet Marketing Services we provide.

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Local SEO

Local Mississauga businesses need every advantage that they can get to compete with national chain stores and local marketing is something that can improve the odds.


Online stores and websites can stream qualified leads to brick-and -mortar locations and can expand geographical reach beyond the confines of local shops. Local businesses have never had it better, with opportunities for growth and new revenue.


The biggest boost you could possibly give to your local brick-and-mortar store is to appear in Google’s local search results. Google’s Map results are displayed in a box called Local Pack rankings.


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Mississauga SEO

Mississauga is a unique market; in that it has a population of nearly 800,000 but is also a subset of Toronto. Because of this local Mississauga businesses often try to target all of Toronto rather than just the Mississauga market and they end up with mediocre rankings.


Mississauga is also a very competitive market and businesses must rank well in the search engine rankings and use successful marketing campaigns to set themselves apart. The good news is that an extremely expensive ad in the Yellow Pages is no longer required, and an inexpensive Internet marketing strategy could bring more traffic to your business than the old yellow page ads ever did.


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Local Toronto SEO

There are great opportunities for businesses in Toronto due its large and diversified economy and population. It is home to more national head offices than any other city in Canada. It has great economies of scale and it is possible to have great organic rankings and other exposure on the Internet for the Toronto and GTA areas and within specialized local markets such as BIA’s (business improvement areas).


Because the Toronto area is so competitive you need to consider a strategy of optimizing for searches that are more specific than broad based searches where someone will type in bathroom store. The search that you would target would be more product specific and it will funnel down to people searching for your subcategories.


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Lead Generation

We use every tool at our disposal to generate quality leads to your business.


We are experts in Organic SEO (driving traffic to your website free), Google Ads, Google Business listing, Social Media (for sales and traffic) and more.


We also develop websites that are clean, attractive and with content marketing and SEO built right into it.


We will drive more sales, traffic and visibility to your online or brick and mortar business.

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Small Business Internet Marketing



Our internet marketing services are a perfect fit for small to mid-sized companies in Mississauga that know they need internet marketing and can’t afford a full-time employee and don’t want to pay exorbitant fees. We can provide one service, several or we can take care of all your business needs for one affordable price so that you can focus on your business, and all of the new customers that you will be getting.


We always keep you in the loop with monthly reports that detail exactly where you started and how things are developing.


SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization.


SEO is by far the most important aspect of Internet marketing because it can deliver huge amounts of traffic to your store and your online business with no costs. These organic rankings are trusted far more than paid search results so it is really important to develop organic rankings for your business.


SEO focuses on getting a business ranked as best possible within Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Google has about 90% of the market share and we are certified Google partners and analytics experts that know how to best position and market your business for optimal rankings.


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Website Design

We offer professional website design services for small to medium-sized businesses in Toronto, Mississauga, Kitchener-Waterloo across Canada and the USA.


Our designs, of course, are SEO-friendly and mobile friendly to ensure your website is built to perform well in the search engines from the ground up. There are still design companies out there building websites that don’t meet the standards of Google. 


Whether you want a responsive HTML website or a beautiful WordPress website we can do it all. We build the website based on how you want your business represented and marry it to our seo and marketing so that it doesn’t just look pretty, it performs well. 


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Content is King

The purpose of your online business is to either sell your products or services or provide information for people coming to your website. To do this you need to have compelling content that appeals to the visitor and that is also optimized for Google. Your content needs to convert visitors to your website into a purchase, visiting your store or any other goal you want to create.


Market your products and services rather than just listing them. We create the content for websites so that they are optimal for their visitors and convert into sales and are optimized for SEO.


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Paid Search Marketing

Paid search marketing is pretty much like SEO except that you pay for your listings rather than earn them. As mentioned in the SEO section organic results are by far the best to get because it increases the value of your business, increases your businesses visibility and rankings do not need to be purchased.


Paid search does have value however if your organic rankings aren’t developed and it’s also an easy and quick way to immediately get your business at the Top of search results. Although, more people click on organic listings than they do search page search marketing PPC And Google ads.


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Outsourcing SEO



We provide outsourcing of SEO services to companies of all sizes. We are able to interact with existing teams in a variety of ways ranging from a part-time role on your marketing team to consulting on everyday issues and assisting in the development of an digital marketing team.


As a consultant to your business you will benefit from a far lower cost than hiring an employee(s) and also benefit from the best internet marketing minds in the business. This is the absolute best value you can possibly get in the industry.


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We develop full service ecommerce websites that can serve as an informative catalog or setup to process online payments quickly and easily.


We Develop ecommerce websites in all of the popular platforms such as WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Shopify and more. We build SEO right into the ecommerce shops we develop so that you look good to Google right out of the gate. 


Read more about our Ecommerce Services.

White Label SEO Services

We offer white label internet marketing services such as SEO, Web Design, Ecommerce Design, Social Media Marketing and more. This service is perfect for marketing and design companies who need these services without having the cost and time needed to manage in-house web designers, social media marketers and SEO specialists.


Our services are affordable and allow for easy mark up. We will brand all reports and deliverables as your own, and our staff can interact with you and your clients directly as a team member using your email addresses and extensions for a seamless experience.


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New Business Internet Marketing
And Development Services

Google Business Listing

Google’s Business Listing provides fantastic visibility on search results and it doesn’t cost a penny! Be sure to claim your listing, complete every field and provide lots of information about your company.


Google Business Listings are a crucial part of local SEO


Business Listings are a key factor in a good SEO strategy as it enables your site to be in the top results both in the map listings and organically on the page. 

Read more about our Google Business Listing services.

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Conversion Marketing

You need to make the visitor feel good about your business with statements or images that convey that you are professional, experienced, you can be trusted.


Once you have their interest the next step, which is the ultimate goal, is to create the website so that you convert the visitor into a buyer. Visitors need to be guided from the page they landed on to  eventually completing a goal, such as calling, buying your product, completing a form or emailing, whatever you want them to ultimately do.


Read more about our Conversion Marketing Service.

What to Expect From Us

We are a Customer-Focused Company

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Easy to Work With

Meetings in-person, by phone or screen sharing and call us anytime with your questions or for advice.

Keep You Informed

We always keep you informed of our progress and ourselves focused on your online success. 

Insights and Strategizing

It is important to see updated data each month but we go the extra mile and provide detailed and actionable recommendations and value-added insights each and every month.

The Best ROI

We offer the best Internet marketing ROI in the business, so start with us for value and stay with us for results.