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The Kitchener Waterloo area is growing and now has a population of over half a million. Entrepreneurs and small businesses are booming in support of the growth here, and solid SEO services are needed to stay ahead of the competition.


The Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge area is a key tech and insurance hub with pretty much every insurance company headquartered here as well as RIM and a big Google presence. It’s a growing area with over half a million in the region now. Entrepreneurial businesses and small businesses are booming to support the growth here and because of that, you need to keep ahead of the competition!


With us, for a few hundred dollars a month, your business could leapfrog past your competitors in Google and steadily receive new business leads. We offer affordable SEO rates that are geared towards small to medium sized businesses that need SEO without breaking the bank or paying those corporate agency rates.

The Best Results for Kitchener Businesses!

You need to work with an SEO company that understands Kitchener as much as it understands Google and all of Google’s requirements. There are different tactics depending on whether you want to rank in Kitchener Waterloo, provincially, throughout Canada or the rest of the globe. Our company brings that expertise to your door.

There are hundreds of accountants in Kitchener but only ten are listed in Google first page results. You Need This!

We have worked with countless small businesses and entrepreneurs in the Kitchener Waterloo Area to help them rank for thousands of keywords related to their business. We’ve also helped companies rank nationally and globally and we’d love to help bring your business to the forefront.

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Website Optimization

This is a broad and general term but essentially we will complete the work that will help your website rank for the best keywords related to the services or products you sell. We can also work to cover the areas you sell to, whether it’s the Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge area or if that also includes Guelph, Elora, Fergus, Woodstock or larger areas like the GTA, all of Ontario or nationwide. We will help to develop a strategy and optimization for all those areas.


Once the best keywords are determined and you agree with them as well we will optimize the best website pages for those keywords. If there isn’t a good page to target keywords we will recommend creating a page to target it.


In addition to all this, we will also perform a website audit, which looks for potential problems that can impact your ability to rank in Google. This could be coding issues, speed issues, images files that are too large and should be compressed, pages with missing or duplicated meta tags, URL and page name issues and more. We will leave no stone unturned!

Google Business Listing

You likely already have a business listing, most businesses do. Whether you have access and control of that listing is the first thing we will look at. Some listings were automatically created by Google and need to be claimed, some maybe been set up by others. Regardless, you need to own this listing and have full control and access over it. If you don’t we can step in and help to resolve this first and foremost issue. The resort is to create a new listing. It’s not the ideal solution because Google uses the listing age as a key factor in where it places in searches.


You also are likely not taking full advantage of your business listing such as a full listing, updated image, update hours, posting about upcoming specials or new products. There is so much more to a business listing than an address and hours. Let us help you take full advantage of it and tie it in with the SEO work on your site to also generate map-based results!

Professional Content

We know most business owners don’t want to write for the website. It’s usually the least favourite task. But it’s the most important.


But not just any content will do, website content is highly complex because you need to write for 3 specific criteria:

  • Google – For Rank Brain and E.A.T
  • Customers – To properly and effectively communicate what you do
  • Marketing – To sell your products or services

Most content usually fails on at least 2 of these. A lot of businesses list what they do or sell but they don’t market them to the website visitor. Most also don’t write for Google. Google requires content to meat the E.A.T criteria which stands for Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness. They also don’t write for Rank Brain which is Google’s AI (artificial intelligence) which tries to understand what you do or sell, who you sell to and where you sell and then tries to understand the search user’s intent on their search and match that to your content. Rank Brain is now involved with 100% of the searches generated in Google!


We will work with you to expand your content on the pages we’re optimizing (and we can do others for a small fee) and make sure it provides context to Rank Brain, marketing to humans and keyword density for the algorithm and in a way that won’t make your content sound repetitive or weird by remembering that humans will be reading it too!

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