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Local Pack Rankings

Local businesses need every advantage that they can get to compete with national chain stores and local marketing is something that can improve their odds.


Online stores and websites can stream qualified leads to brick-and -mortar locations and can expand geographical reach beyond the confines of local shops. Local businesses have never had it better, with opportunities for growth and new revenue.


The biggest boost you could possibly give to your local brick-and-mortar store is to appear in Google’s local search results. Google’s Map results are displayed in a box called Local Pack rankings (see below).

Local Pack Listings

The Benefits of Local Search Marketing

Screenshot of Google local snack pack listings

Getting Noticed

Local pack rankings display the top local search results for a given search term.

Narrowing the Field

Local businesses benefit greatly from Google narrowing the results to just their store and a few competitors.

Qualified Leads

The local pack results appear in over 90% of local searches on Google and half of those visited a store the same day.


The good news is that local businesses can benefit from local pack listings free of charge.

Guiding Traffic Directly to Your Business

The information that is available in the local pack results include the store name, address, Google reviews, phone number and even the hours that the shop is open.

It is safe to say that Google’s local pack can add to a local businesses’ success, and the good news is that local businesses can benefit from local pack listings free of charge. It is easily the best money and time you can spend on your business.


When one of the business names are clicked in the local pack results a new screen appears that displays a card full of information about the business. This card is called the local teaser, and it is a huge advantage for local businesses to be displayed there. It delivers without a doubt, the best return on your investment.


The local teaser is an incredibly powerful free advertisement that provides an enormous amount of influential information about your business.

Google's Local Teaser Listings

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Screenshot of Local Ads in browser

The Best Marketing ROI Possible

Great exposure for little to no investment.

Huge Exposure

Detailed information on your business.

One Click from Becoming a Customer

Everything about the local teaser is aimed at providing visitors with enough information that they can make a sound decision on where they are going to shop.

Local map listings are getting very precise and are now more limited in geographic visibility for small local businesses. You may see your business in the map results near your store, but it may not show at all from a few blocks away (depending on competition, number of competing shops etc.).


The screenshot below shows the limited scope of this brick-and-mortar shop within its town. The business owner thought she was number one in the mapped results for Google everywhere but realized after our manual audit that she was invisible to Google’s map results even for searches just a few blocks away.

Google's Map Results

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Screenshot of local Google results for Mississauga

Great Visibility

Let everyone know you are in the area and ready for business. This greatly benefits businesses that are located off the beaten path.

Local Traffic

Get in front of shoppers that are in your area and are looking for your product or service.

It's Free

Google’s map results are not only a great marketing tool, it’s also free, so take advantage and tap into the warm leads that are waiting for you.

It’s interesting to note that many of the local shops that we visit are completely unaware of this. They proudly exclaim that their shop ranks number one in the mapped results, but soon realize after searching nearby areas that they have no visibility at all.


This is a great example of why local businesses need to be aware of their business’s online health and visibility. A few quick searches of nearby areas are all it takes to identify something as simple as this, just remember to log out of Google when doing this. There are several exercises that local businesses can do quickly and for free that provide real life information and the status of their online business with Google.

Google's Local Services Ads

Excellent Exposure for Service Companies

Screenshot of Google's local services listings

Top of Search Results

Google Local Services Ads have been created for service companies and are placed at the very top of search results, which is the best real estate.

Warm Leads

Tap into warm leads that have already decided they want your service.

Control of Budget

Control your budget, set it once and your ads will stop when your budget is depleted. Try Google’s Budget Calculator. You can also pause the campaign whenever you wish.