Mississauga is a very competitive market and businesses must rank well in the search engine rankings and use successful marketing campaigns to thrive. The good news is that our SEO rates are geared toward small to medium businesses and are very affordable.

We are a Mississauga-based SEO company that delivers top search engine rankings for businesses just like yours from Mississauga, Toronto, nationally and around the world (Canada, USA, Australia, UK, China).

We started our SEO services in 2003 when the industry was in its infancy and have since developed nearly two decades of knowledge and perspective which is crucial to developing top Google rankings. Our experience ensures that we know all the nuances of SEO and how to develop top rankings without getting your website penalized.

Google has SEO standards that need to be adhered to and there are many ways to get into trouble if you are not careful. Our experience and perspective ensure that we will deliver top rankings, your website will flourish, and your online business will be safe and sound.

Our experience ensures that we know all the nuances of SEO and how to develop top rankings without getting your website penalized. We have helped many local businesses with SEO rankings over the years for both local Mississauga rankings but also reaching out to other Toronto area cities, all of Ontario or all of Canada and the USA.  No matter when your customer base is or your industry is we can help.

We offer you a credible SEO company that offers small business friendly SEO pricing so you can market your business to Google without breaking the budget!

Mississauga, GTA, Regional and National Rankings for Mississauga Businesses

Mississauga is a unique market; in that it has a population of nearly 800,000 but is also a subset of Toronto. Mississauga has become a modern and sophisticated city with lots of opportunity.

Mississauga is a competitive market and businesses must rank well in the search engines and use successful marketing campaigns to set themselves apart. The good news is that an extremely expensive ad in the Yellow Pages is no longer required, an affordable Internet marketing strategy could bring more traffic to your business than the old yellow page ads.

We can target Toronto and the GTA in addition to Mississauga which has always been desired for companies based in Mississauga that want to expand their reach throughout the GTA. We can also deliver Ontario and national rankings which we have done for countless businesses across North America.

Mississauga itself is a large Canadian market but it only comprises one part of the GTA so many Mississauga businesses opt to target both Mississauga and Toronto, although this may only be realistically possible for some industries and categories.

For instance, a real estate business in Mississauga would have a difficult time outranking Toronto based companies whereas a less competitive category such as a hobby store could potentially do well in both municipalities.
We can also develop top national Google rankings for any business. National rankings are particularly preferred by companies that offer a product or service across Canada. We can also develop strong USA rankings if you wish to enter the lucrative American market.

We can also create and manage a pay per click campaign that gets your business some immediate exposure until you rank at the top of Google organically.

Don’t Worry, You Can Afford Us!

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Our Mississauga SEO

The best place to start is to develop an Internet marketing plan for your business that includes identifying your competitors, marketing for the keywords that are important to your business, creating a Google business listing, advertising in the map results so that you are not limited to a small area .

Google is now featuring advertised listings in the map listings which will help to bring your business out from your little area and sell to the Mississauga area as a whole period.

A good Internet marketing company can develop a strategy that focuses on walk in traffic to your brick and mortar store. The cost of doing this is not as expensive as one would think, and you should shop around and get multiple quotes for any work that is done on your business. It is far too important to risk damaging your business with a company that doesn’t know what they are doing.

Website Optimization

This is a broad statement but our SEO services encompass the basics in website optimization.  Whether you want your SEO to focus on just Mississauga, or Peel region or all of the GTA, all of Ontario, all of Canada or outside of Canada we will bring the right SEO strategy to you.  This may include optimizing existing pages or recommending new pages in which more terms and areas can be targeted.

We will perform keyword analysis and research we will work with you to determine the best keywords to target and which existing pages are best to target them on.   Depending on your website structure we may also recommend adding new pages.  For pages we will recommend Meta Tags (tags specifically for Google to read), optimize the content, H tags and alt tags on images.  Everything we do we confirm with you the changes and make sure we have your approval before anything is changed on your website.

In addition to optimizing the website pages, we will perform:

  • A site audit looking for coding and optimization issues
  • A speed check to see where there could be improvements
  • Image file size check to make sure they are optimized to improve website speed
  • A site hierarchy check to see if your menu or page structure is optimized for Google
  • Broken link check
  • Duplicate meta tag and content check

We will leave no SEO stone unturned when optimizing your website.

Google Business Listing

You likely already have a business listing, most businesses do. We have found that most businesses don’t always have control or access to their listing which is crucial to keeping it up to date.  It’s also important to get control of this listing as creating a new Google Business Listing loses the history, a key factor in a listing showing in the map results in Google.  If you don’t have control of the listing we will do our best to help you gain control and access before the last resort of creating a new listing.

We will help you take advantage of your business listing to make sure you are using it to it’s fullest potential which includes:

  • Fully completed information sections
  • Updated and correctly sized images
  • Updated hours
  • Postings about specials, deals, new products etc

We will make sure the business listing is benefiting from the website optimization as well.

Content Marketing

Writing content for your website is every business owners least favourite task.  But it couldn’t be more important.  You know your business, you know your products or services and you know how to sell them.  Content where the base of the information comes from you or your employees is important.   We can take that content and expand on it to make sure it’s long enough for Google’s standards (a minimum of 500 words per page but most pages now need to be over 1800 words, especially if your competitors are.)

Content has very special SEO criteria to meet which makes it highly complex because you need to write for 3 specific criteria:

  • Google – For Rank Brain and E.A.T
  • Customers – To properly and effectively communicate what you do
  • Marketing – To sell your products or services

Google evaluates your content based on the E.A.T criteria it imposed in 2018.  E.A.T stands for Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness.  You need to be conveying this in your content.  They also use Rank Brain, their A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) to understand what you do, what you offer, where you sell to and they try to understand your audience so it can match you to their searches better.  Rank Brain in just 2 years is not involved with every search in Google!  So your content needs to comply to it.

Writing your content for humans is just as important.  You need unique content that sells what you do, not just lists it!  Our expertise will bring the ability to take your content to this next level for all the pages we optimize.  We can do new page content and other pages on our site (for a small fee) as well.

Some of Our SEO Results For Companies in the
Mississauga Area

Credibility Is Key

You have undoubtedly been contacted hundreds of times from “SEO companies” that promise you the world but end up costing you thousands of dollars and leave you in a bigger mess than when you started.
Violating Google’s Webmaster guidelines will result in penalties.

Google ‘blacklisted’ BMW’s German website because they were trying to manipulate rankings. If Google can ban BMW, they can certainly do it to your company, so you need to choose a reputable company.  You need to thoroughly research prospective SEO companies with the knowledge that this industry is full of pretenders.  We offer you the first step with some of our verifiable and prooven results below.

Don’t just take our word about being experienced with local Mississauga businesses.  We have been helping businesses in this area rank here since 2003.  We have worked with different businesses from plumbers to financial consultants to spas to specialty retailers.  We know the area, we know how to get you ranked.


Mississauga, Ontario

Ranks in Google for the following searches:

#1 Casino Rentals Mississauga

#1 Carnival Game Rentals Mississauga

#2 Sports Game Rentals Mississauga

#2 Party Equipment Rentals Mississauga

#3 Company Events Mississauga

#5 Bouncy Castle Rentals Mississauga

#5 Inflatable Rentals Mississauga


Mississauga, Ontario

Has the following rankings in Google:

#2 Event Catering Mississauga

#3 Wedding Catering Mississauga

#3 Breakfast Catering Mississauga


Mississauga, Ontario

Has the following rankings both organic and map-based:

#2 Mississauga Spas

#1 Threading Mississauga

#2 Eyelash Tinting Mississauga

#2 Facials Mississauga

#2 Spas Mississauga

#3 Spa Packages Mississauga

#3 Spa Treatments Mississauga