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Paid search marketing is pretty much like SEO except that you pay for your listings rather than earn them. As mentioned in the SEO section organic results are by far the best to get because it increases the value of your business, increases your businesses visibility and rankings do not need to be bought.

Paid search does have value however if your rankings if your organic rankings aren’t developed and it’s also an easy and quick way to immediately get your business at the Top of search results. Although, more people click on organic listings than they do search page search marketing PPC And Google ads.

Google ads can pull in a lot of website traffic so it’s something that even those who have Top organic rankings still do just to make sure they cover off all sources. That does not mean however that you simply buy them and not worry about them after.

Google ads are so competitive that in order to get to the Top of googles paid search listings you need to bid against other companies for the spot that you want. The cost can be lower for websites that are directly related to the keyword that you want to compete with, and professional campaigns are created and managed. There are a lot of factors I need to be considered for ranking at the Top of Google’s paid searches.

Every industry or category is different however, so it may not be expensive to reach the Top of Google’s ads for the search term car wash, whereas listings 4 more competitive categories is far more expensive such as lawyers New York City for example which cost about $90.00 per click. That’s a far cry from $2 for a click on your car wash add.

The campaigns can be very confusing and daunting to the layperson which is why a professional marketing company would be your best investment because it will lead to far more traffic to your website. there are too many things to list here that need to be managed for a Google campaign.

PPC advertising is a great supplement to those who don’t have rankings yet or a way to target visitors who have already been to your site.



PPC is an abbreviation of Pay Per Click and essentially works that way, you pay for each click through to your website.   If someone sees your ad but doesn’t click it then you don’t pay.  PPC is also synonymous with Google Adwords, the largest PPC vendor in the world and pretty much the best place to advertise when you are looking at online advertising.


PPC has changed a lot since the first days when Google came out with Adwords.  You can still buy ads for your search terms in Google but there is a world of other types of ads you can consider as well:

Search Ads

These are text based ads that show up in Google for specific keywords you wish to target.  In 2016 Google changed the layout and now there are only 8 ads on a page, 4 at the top and 4 at the bottom.  Before these ads also showed up down the right side of the page.  But with this change has come increased competition to be in the top 4 ads on the page which has driven the per click cost up for every keyword globally. Having properly organized ad groups and high quality scores is crucial to have the best placing.


You have likely been a victim of remarketing but don’t know it.  Have you ever visited a website and then as you’ve gone to other websites started to see their ad everywhere?  That’s remarketing. It’s a display ad that is shown to your visitors on any site that shows Ads by Google.

Display Ads

These are graphic ads that can show up on news sites, forums, blogs and You Tube.  The work on mobile as well ad desktop and can be a fixed graphic we create or a dynamic graphic built through Google’s Adwords Display Ad Builder.

Email Targeting

If you have a list of 2000 or more email addresses of customers or perhaps subscribe to your newsletter, these can now be ‘remarketed’.  Google will find them and target your display ads to the email address you load with them. (yes Google does know that much about us!)

Video Ads

If you have a great short video promoting your business, services or products you these can become video ads shown in YouTube or sites that carry video ad,

Audience Targeting

In addition to restricting ads to a specific region like Toronto or Ontario or Canada you can also narrow the field via demographics, interests or even target visitors of specific websites you know your ideal customer frequents.


The advantage of using a Google Partner to set up and manage your PPC campaigns is that we trained and tested on all the areas of Adwords and will ensure everything is setup to ensure you don’t waste money. There are a lot of ways to waste money in Adwords when you don’t know the system very well. Here are the most popular areas of wasteful spending in Adwords:

  1. It’s also important to know and understand the best way to group your ad groups and keywords and write effective ads that appeal to those searching but also to Google’s quality score.
  2. It’s important to know all the campaign and ad group settings so you only open your ads to your target area, demographic and desired display area (Google Search, Network Partners or the entire Display Network).  Missing something as simple as a checkbox here could mean you show your ads everywhere, when maybe that wasn’t your intention.
  3. Choosing the right keywords is important.  Keywords that are too generic can mean for wasted spending that also dominate your budget and reduce the exposure of other keywords.
  4. Using Negative keywords effectively.  A negative keywords is when you don’t want your ad to show for something you don’t sell.  For instance, if you sold hats in Toronto but you don’t sell boy hats.  Then you would want to add the negative keyword “boy” if you were targeting “hats toronto”.
  5. Bidding strategies can help you display your ads more at the times your visitors seem most active as well as strategies around increasing the cost per click to get the right positioning and help improve conversions.


#5 is important on an ongoing basis as there will always be an ebb and flow to the bidding process, especially if your business has seasons then competitors typically increase spending during busy periods and if you don’t monitor and adjust your bidding on a regular basis than your ads will fall out of your desired placement (like the top 4 or first page) and not be seen and result in lost sales.


Pricing for the setup and monthly management of PPC all comes down to the number of campaigns, ad groups and keywords you wish to target.  The more or varied products and services you wish to target will mean more ad groups and more keywords.  Since it’s probably hard for you to how many ad groups or keywords you wish to target we have some base pricing listed below that should meet most Small Business needs, but we could always give a free quote which would include research into your products or services and all the possible areas to target and current first page cost per click estimates.

Pay per click advertising and Google Adwords sometimes can get a negative impression that it costs a fortune and no one buys. But done right it can bring you instant traffic and by targeting the right keywords, with the right budget and the right ads you can reach potential buyers. Our Google Certified Adwords experts can help you craft campaigns for products, sales, services or just your business in general. We perform the keyword research, help recommend a budget and build your adgroups with the right settings to help minimize click fraud. We can also create display ads if you wish to create visual ads or remarketing campaigns to your existing website visitors that follow them around on other websites and keep you top of mind.
We can help you build instant traffic at affordable rates.

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