Pay Per Click and Google Adwords

Pay Per Click and Google Adwords

We are Google Partners Providing Professional Pay Per Click and AdWords Success



As a Google Partner we are experienced in all levels of PPC advertising in Google Adwords.  PPC can help to instantly and quickly get your name, brand, products or services out there to the public.  There are different types of ads and one or another might be better or perhaps a combination of ads.

The different types of Google PPC Ads in Adwords are:

Search Ads

These are the most common ads and displays when someone completes a search in Google.  With these ads you pay for ads for specific keywords around your products, services, events etc.

Display Ads

These graphic ads display throughout Google’s network of sites.  These can include sites like The Weather Network, CNN and other high level sites to popular blogs, forums and informational sites.

Video Ads

Video Pay Per Click ads typically show up in YouTube but there are other sites in the Google Network your video ads can display.

Shopping Ads

These ads are a great way to get your individual products seen for relevant searches.  Shopping ads are typically connected with ecommerce sites and use feeds to pull in products.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing Pay Per Click ads are a very inexpensive way to stay top of mind with those that have visited your site.  Using the display network and graphic ads, your ads will be shown to visitors of our website as they visit display sites like CNN, The Weather Network, blogs, forums and many other sites.


Special Events or Sales

No better way to quickly and immediately get the word out about a special event or sale you have coming up.  Search, Display and Remarketing ads are perfect for reaching new and existing customers.

Season Products

A great way to promote and sell season products or services where SEO can’t always deliver results in time for the upcoming season.

Offset Low Rankings

Perhaps your just starting out your SEO marketing or some of your keywords are very competitive and will take a bit longer than the others.  Search Ads and PPC can help get that exposure.

Build Brand Awareness

Maybe you are new and you just wish to get your brand out there and recognized.  Video, Display and Search ads are perfect for this exposure.

Remarket Your Site

Keep top of mind to those that have visited your site by having ads that follow them to the various sites they may visit in Google’s network of sites.

Block Competitors

You may have top rankings but want to secure the top ad spot as well, so of the current 4 ad spots not all 4 are competitors.

Affordable PPC Setup & Management
for Toronto, Mississauga, Canada and the USA

We can help with both the initial setup and then the monthly management of your adwords account.  It’s important that your account is set up correctly with the right settings, correct organization, correct ad wording and other settings to help increase your quality score which helps to lower your cost and increase your ad placement.  We also run A/B testing and set up conversion tracking where applicable to measure results.  What you spend on our services are easily saved over the waste if you were to try to set up and run your ads yourself thanks to our affordable pricing.

Costs start at $150 for setup and up.  This will depend on the number of ad groups, keywords ads and budget size.

Monthly Ad management starts at $100 per month and up.  This will depend on how many ad groups, keywords and budget size.

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