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One Time SEO Boost

Our One Time SEO Boost (only pay once) optimizes your website (on-page optimization) so that it meets Google’s standards and gives your business the best chance of reaching the top of Google search results.

Who is This For?


Anyone! Including:


  • New businesses wanting a good foundation of SEO for their website
  • New websites that have not been optimized
  • Mature websites that have poor or sliding Google rankings
  • Websites that haven’t been optimized for several years
  • New domain name
  • Businesses tentative about SEO; this provides a one-time service that will demonstrate the power of SEO in a safe manner

The one-time SEO Boost provides a solid foundation of on-page SEO for all types of websites, including informational, blogging and ecommerce sites. 

The Benefits

Will you suddenly have #1 rankings? Not totally likely but within 6 – 8 weeks after the SEO boost you should see an overall improvement in:

  • Rankings for the keywords targeted in the boost
  • Better targeting of keywords
  • Bump in traffic, specifically to the newly optimized pages
  • Better local results
  • Possibly better Google Business Listing performance
  • Better indexing in Google
  • Better chance of enhanced listings in Google
  • Better understanding of the SEO structure built into your website
  • Peace of mind knowing that your on-page SEO is sound and optimized

What’s Included In An SEO Boost

Initial Scan and Review

We will manually review your site and check it’s speed scores and indexing with Google. We will check it’s health with Google Search Console and run scans for broken links, duplicate content, duplicate meta tags and more.


This will generate a list of issues that will need to be addressed and fixed to make the site optimal for Google.

Site Structure, Hierarchy, & URLS

We will evaluate and recommend correct site structure and hierarchy, most important for sites with many pages and eCommerce sites.


We will also evaluate your URL structure and recommend optimizations for SEO and that it doesn’t break any guidelines, including those for spamming.

Keyword Research & On Page Optimization

We will work with you to determine the best keywords your site should target and determine the best pages they can be optimized on. A page at best can target two or three keyword variations and should be centered around the topic of the page and potential search queries. The content on the page should be optimized for those keywords.


We will evaluate your website to see if it adheres to the content expectations that Google has and flag and remove any old, or possibly harmful content or optimization on your site that could negatively impact SEO.

A Plan To Move Forward

After you site has received it’s One Time SEO Boost we will provide you with a list of suggestions on what to continue doing such as:


  • How to keep updating your website content
  • What content to add and how much
  • What new pages or topics to consider
  • Whether a blog or article section would be beneficial and what long-tail keywords to consider writing about
  • Social Media recommendations
  • How long before you should consider a website upgrade or recode (they have life spans).

Want Even Better Rankings?

Check out our monthly SEO services that optimize every aspect of your online business and promotes ongoing improvements in sales, Google rankings, website traffic, local traffic, brand visibility and more.


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