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SEO Canada

It is far more difficult to rank nationally in Canada than locally, and there are some differences in the way they are marketed strategically.

Search engine optimization, or SEO as it’s known by nearly everyone, has become extremely competitive in the vast modern internet of today. Ranking for nearly any keyword, set of keywords, topic or niche that are even half valuable in monetary terms requires putting in some serious work. You will without a doubt have to conduct sound research, lots of testing and possibly even need professional assistance to lighten the load on your own SEO.

This competitive aspect of SEO especially applies to websites written in English, possibly the most commercially dominant business language of the internet. And the largest single English-speaking market involves the United States and Canada. On the other hand, you can turn this to your advantage, by cleverly tailoring your own optimization to Canadian SEO for a competitive edge.

SEO Canada

Different strategies apply to different markets. While there is some carryover between Canadian and US websites it is best to specifically target the country in which you wish to market to. SEO Canada also differs from local SEO.

Content marketing is more important in national SEO than in local SEO. It is easy to find local directories and links but more difficult for businesses that are national in scope, so blogging and content marketing is more important.

  • Don’t forget to use British English, not USA English.
  • Us a .ca domain if your business is only focused on Canada. A few URL setups include country code domain like, subdomains like, sub-directories like or an entirely different domain like Generally, the format is best.
  • Get reviews from Canadians throughout the country.
  • Target keywords for Canadian based results.
  • Write content that references Canada.
  • Build links specifically from Canada, although there are several great resources in the USA that you can also use.
  • Have a French version of your website to help indicate you serve the entire country of Canada.
  • Host your business in Canada.

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