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SEO Services for Small Businesses

The Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge area is a key tech and insurance hub with pretty much every insurance company headquartered here as well as RIM and a big Google presence.  It’s a growing area with over half a million in the region now.  Entrepreneurial businesses and small businesses are booming to support the growth here and because of that, you need to keep ahead of the competition! With us, for a few hundred dollars a month, your business could leapfrog past your competitors in Google and steadily receive new business leads.  We offer affordable SEO rates that are geared towards small to medium sized businesses that need SEO without breaking the bank or paying those corporate agency rates. 

Why Choose Us 

You are bombarded with SEO emails and phone calls promising you top rankings and if you search you can find at least 25 companies in the Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge, Ontario area that offer SEO.  So what sets us apart? Why should you choose us? 


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What’s Included With Our SEO

Keyword Research 

The first step is to assess your website and to collaborate with you what rankings you wish to have.  Local Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge rankings require a little different approach to needing national level rankings.  Keyword choice is one of the biggest aspects of SEO and we will make sure you get the right mix of keywords.  We will map the best keywords to the best matching page of your website, or if there is no page then recommend adding a page to target those keywords and write the meta title and meta description for the search engines. 

Optimization, Rank Brain and E.A.T SEO

After your keywords and meta tags are complete we will also work with you and your content to make sure it is Rank Brain friendly and adheres to Google’s new E.A.T standards.  Rank Brain is Google’s artificial intelligence that reads every word on your site and needs to understand what you do, who your client would be for your products or services and more!  Writing content for Rank Brain but also having it makes sense for humans is a skill we possess and what helps us to propel sites in the search engines.  Many businesses fail to invest in writing good content and most simply just list what they do instead of sell what they do, let alone adapt it to help SEO and rankings.  We also write for the recent (Aug 2018) E.A.T update that stands for Experience, Authority and Trustworthiness.  Google is now evaluating your business for those 3 things and you need to convey them in your content and speak to what makes you an authority in your business and your experience as well as what makes you trustworthy.  Then when we have all that done we also make sure you have good keyword density for the targeted keyword on each page and for the areas you wish to target.    

We meant it when we said writing for SEO rankings is a skill, and that we have that skill! 

Local Business Listings

If you want local traffic, in addition to optimizing for Kitchener, Waterloo or Cambridge you will also need a Google Business Listing.  If you already have one we can help to make sure it’s complete and set up the best way possible to generate results.  If you don’t have one then we will set one up for you and make sure it’s complete with all the information to help it show up in the map based results.  Being top in the map based results with a new listing is more difficult as Google does put a great deal of weight on the age of the business listing, but we can certainly make sure to get the ball rolling if you don’t have one. 

SEO Reports

Each month you will receive a ranking report that will track the keywords you are optimized for and it will include Analytics traffic updates if we are given access to your Analytics account.  We also run monthly scans of your site looking for areas of improvement such as broken links, duplicate meta tags, page speed issues and more. 



Below are some results we’ve achieved in your area.

KLS Financial

Has the following rankings:

Investments Kitchener #1

Kitchener Financial Planning #1

Mutual Funds Kitchener #1

Waterloo Financial Planner #4

Kitchener Financial Planner #4

Cambridge Financial Planners #5

Holliday Vet Hospital

Has the following rankings:

Vet Cambridge #2

Dog Vet Cambridge #2

Cat Vet Cambridge #3

Vet Hospital Cambridge #3

Go Green Marine 

Kitchener, Ontario

Has the following rankings:

Marine Solar Lights #2 (nationwide)

Solar Boat Lights #3 (nationwide)

Revive Massage Therapy

Has the following rankings both organic and map-based:

Massage Therapy #2 (Cambridge Google)

Massage Therapist #2 (Cambridge Google)

Hot Stone Massage #2 (Cambridge Google)

Therapeutic Ultrasound Therapy #1 (Cambridge Google)


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