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SEO Toronto

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Toronto is Canada’s most competitive market so you need to do everything you can to set yourself apart from the crowd.

We are located in Toronto and understand every nuance of the market. Additionally, we are marketing experts that have been providing professional SEO to companies in Toronto since 2003, which is basically when it all started.

We can visit your business and develop a plan to get top Google rankings in person or we can go over everything via virtual meeting. Either way, we use a collaborative approach that leans on your knowledge of your business and utilizes our online marketing expertise.

And why stop at Toronto? We can also develop national rankings for your business and design an SEO friendly website or ecommerce site that will take your business to new heights.

Together we can develop a successful online business that appeals to the visitors of your website as well as Google.



Our industry is the most competitive and we are battling competitors who all have professional SEO skills.

Despite this, we rank at the very top of our industry for terms such ‘professional Internet marketing’ and ‘Internet marketing company’ outranking all of the 360,000 results in Canada and millions in the United States.

Ask the next ‘SEO company’ that calls how they rank.

We have also delivered countless top Google rankings for our Toronto clients, many of whom are still with us since we started twelve years ago, and we hope to add you to our long list of satisfied clients.


The yellow pages are now a distant memory and pay per click campaigns are expensive and rely on you spending more money than your competitors for top positions.

Organic SEO is the best approach to get sales and leads because once you reach the top of Google your business will be perceived as the best in your industry and you will enjoy a regular stream of new leads.

Your business will be positioned right in front of the countless Google searches being made every minute. The old days of just using the Yellow Pages are over, you need to use SEO to get in front of potential clients.


We don’t stop at simply getting you top Google rankings, we make sure that your business is flourishing, and if it isn’t we will analyze why and develop a plan.

For instance, your website might rank #1 in Google but if no one is buying your product or service what’s the point? The goal is to actually develop a successful online business, not just rank well.

We will make sure that your website leads visitors to buy something or contact you. Our core competency is developing successful online businesses which includes SEO, social media marketing, PPC and seo friendly web design.

For instance, we can manage a PPC campaign to gain visibility until your business ranks naturally / organically. Additionally, we can give you well-rounded presence by tapping into social media and by creating a custom website that is SEO friendly and leads visitors to convert into sales and leads.

We make it easy to start and succeed online by providing you with everything you need, explaining it in easy to understand terms and reporting monthly on our progress.


Worried You Can't Afford SEO?

Our prices are perfect for small to medium sized businesses.


Below are some results we’ve achieved in your area.

York Taps

Has the following rankings:

Faucets Toronto #1

Toilets Toronto #1

Toto Toilets Toronto #1

+ hundreds of other GTA area and bathroom keywords

Motorhome Travel

Has the following rankings:

Motorhome Rentals Toronto #1

Motorhome Rentals Ontario #3

RV Rentals Toronto #4

RV Rentals Ontario #5

Infotech Computers

Has the following rankings:

Used Computers Toronto #1

Used Computers #1

Computer Trade In Toronto #1

Virus Removal Toronto #3

And many more computer keywords around the GTA and Canada


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