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We don’t just design websites, we are a web design company that builds online businesses from the ground up making sure your website is designed to be marketing friendly, mobile friendly, search engine friendly and with good, clean code.  Our designers are the perfect blend of both the marketing and technical worlds.  Many design companies can give you a graphically pretty site but the sites aren’t SEO friendly.  Other companies can give you great technically correct site with little to no marketing principles applied.  We bring you the best of both world as our designers not only understand online and real-world marketing but also understand the technical aspects of a good website.

It’s no longer “Just a Website”.  Your website is your hardest working employee, working 24/7/365 to sell for you.  Shouldn’t it represent what you do, sell what you have to sell but also work well on mobile, desktop and most importantly be SEO friendly so it can rank in Google?  Even after all this time and SEO awareness you would be amazed at how many websites still aren’t being built to this standard.   Yes as a small to medium-sized business owner you may not be able to afford the high price tag or an agency but you also don’t need to settle for substandard work for it to be affordable. We offer small and medium-sized business owners in Toronto, Mississauga, Kitchener Waterloo and all across Canada professional website designs including WordPress and e-commerce designs that perform and can rank well in the search engines. 


Website Designs To Choose From

WordPress Website Design

WordPress now powers just under 50% of all websites built.  They create beautiful, highly functional websites at a fraction of the cost to custom code a similar website.  It also allows you a content management system whereby you can make small changes and edits to your website without needing to be a designer or paying a design company to make every small change you want.  It’s the best of both worlds with a few downsides.  It’s perfect for small to medium-sized businesses in Toronto, Mississauga, Kitchener Waterloo and Ontario to have a functional, mobile and SEO friendly website that can perform. 


E-commerce Website Design 

We are highly experienced at building effective and converting e-commerce websites. We can help from the start in determining the best platform for your e-commerce site whether you want hosted or self-hosted.  (Not sure what that is? click here).  Once you know which platform is best for your site we can help to develop a custom template that professionally and beautifully represents your online store or the online portion of your Toronto, Mississauga, Kitchener Waterloo or Canada wide brick and mortar store.  E-commerce platforms can be a bit overwhelming so we also include the setup and loading of all your categories products, shipping and checkout functions.   We also only work with platforms that are SEO and mobile friendly!

Responsive Web Design

Brochure Website Design

Perhaps you want a simple HTML website for your small business (also known as a brochure website) and don’t need e-commerce or interested in having a content management system like WordPress or a blog.  We can build responsive, mobile-friendly brochure websites for your Mississauga, Kitchener Waterloo and Toronto based businesses at affordable rates.  Our standard HTML sites are fast loading and SEO ready that can support ranking welling in the search engines. 


Why Choose Us As Your Website Designer


We have been building websites for companies like yours since 2003! Our designers are highly experienced with custom HTML 5 and CSS3, WordPress and all the major ecommerce platforms.


Everything we do is to drive a site to dominate in Google search rankings so we build the site from the ground up to be SEO and mobile friendly, something crucial even if you aren’t interested in SEO right now.  You won’t have to rebuild the site when you are.


The biggest mistake most companies make is they list their products and services and don’t sell them.  We work with you to incorporate calls to actions and ways to sell what you do and not just list what you do.


We pride ourselves in building beautiful websites and keeping our design skills current.  We strive to build a site styled to represent your business that is also beautiful and effective.


We hold ourselves accountable to you by reporting on our progress each and every month


Our pricing is amongst the lowest for an experienced and effective web design firm and easily affordable for any sized business.

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