Woocommerce Ecommerce Websites

Woocommerce Ecommerce Websites

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Whether you already have a Woocommerce store or are considering a Woocommerce store we can help.  Woocommerce is by far the most popular ‘self-hosted’ e-commerce platform in the world.   (If you don’t know what self-hosted is click here). 

If you are looking for a professional and affordable Woocommerce e-commerce website, then look no further we can be your WordPress and Woocommerce developer.  With offices in Toronto, Mississauga and Kitchener Waterloo we can help your small business start selling online with effective designs that convert visitors to buyers and are built to help with SEO and achieve rankings in Google. 

What is Woocommerce?

Woocommerce is a WordPress plugin. Which means you start with a WordPress website and add in Woocommerce to create a powerful self-hosted e-commerce store.  There are 3 million e-commerce sites running on Woocommerce and 75 million websites running on WordPress. Which means just a little less than half of all websites in the world are running on WordPress. That gives you an amazing, highly used platform that many companies cater to with plugins that add every function imaginable. 

Why Choose Woocommerce for Your Online Store?  

Woocommerce has many advantages which are outlined below:

Despite all the good things Woocommerce has there is some downside to it as well.

The biggest issue is stability, with the myriad of WordPress updates and plugin updates there is a chance that at some point things will break and you will likely need your design company to step in and fix it for you. (we have a maintenance plan for that!).   But it’s not all gloom and doom, usually with plugin changes and good backups things can be fixed quickly.

The other thing that usually catches some business owners by surprise is that not everything is free. WordPress and Woocommerce are free but some plugins do have one time, yearly and monthly fees depending on the plugin and functionality.  For instance, if you want to accept credit cards from Moneris or Chase and pretty much every large merchant provider you must pay for this functionality and these plugins must stay up to date to continue working which then makes the fee a yearly subscription of about $80 USD. The advantage is that it means the plugins are usually coded by a reputable company and offer some level of support should there be a problem but it’s not all free.

Scalability was listed above as an advantage but it can also be a problem if your site gets too big with too many products and too many pages.  With the way, WordPress and Woocommerce are coded and most standard hosting accounts struggle with the larger database size and eventually, sites tend to run very slowly, especially the admin side which then can cost you time.  So if you are planning to carry thousands of products and have lots of informational content, this may not be the best platform for you.

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Who is a Woocommerce online store right for?

A Woocommerce store is perfect for small businesses looking for an affordable and robust solution to selling their products online. You can have an e-commerce store and add in all the functionality you desire along with an admin area that is easy for owners and staff to use.  With this choice you do have to accept a few risks, one that the store is more prone to outages/crashes and you will need to have a designer or staff that will know how to repair it.  You will also need to accept it’s size limitations and that you can’t have 1000’s of products without slowing everything down (which can hurt SEO rankings).  So if you are planning to be the next Amazon this isn’t the best platform for you, even with a dedicated hosting server costing $300-400 a month it will cause PHP and PHP memory speed issues.

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