WooCommerce Developers and Support Services

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Whether you already have a WooCommerce store or are considering a WooCommerce store we can help.


We are WooCommerce experts that can provide you with the following:


  • Custom designs
  • Expanded functionalities
  • Full maintenance
  • Complete setup
  • Full support
  • Advice

We can help your business to start selling online with effective designs that convert visitors to buyers and that have built-in SEO to achieve rankings in Google.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin. This means you start with a WordPress website and add in WooCommerce to create a powerful self-hosted ecommerce store.


WooCommerce offers a highly used platform that has no costs other than hosting, and some plugins that are paid vs free. There is a plethora of plugins that can add virtually every function imaginable. Plugins are both paid and free, depending on the author and complexity.


WooCommerce is by far the most popular self-hosted ecommerce platform in the USA with 23% of the market share and two million websites in 2022 according to BuiltWith.

Why Choose WooCommerce For Your Online Store?

WooCommerce has many advantages:


Unlike hosted ecommerce solutions like Shopify there is no monthly fee to use the WooCommerce software. You would only need a hosting account which we can setup for you.


WordPress and WooCommerce are used by millions of sites and as a result, there are many 3rd party plugins that can add just about any functionality you can dream of.


You can use any WooCommerce friendly WordPress template as a base and there are many to choose from. They offer amazing features you don’t find in other platforms.


Any ecommerce software can be a little daunting at first, but once you learn it WordPress and WooCommerce are easier to navigate and update on your own with little help.


WooCommerce is the perfect platform for new, small and medium sized businesses. The platform can accommodate member areas, easy to create pages and blogs.


By adding an SEO plugin like Yoast or All In One SEO you can make WordPress and WooCommerce SEO friendly. With the right work, everything can be SEO friendly.

Despite All The Good Things, WooCommerce Has its Limits

Potential Instability

The biggest issue with WooCommerce is its potential instability, which is due to the use of third-party plugins that provide the added functionality of the software. The plugins must work with the versions of WordPress and WooCommerce that are being used, otherwise they can potentially stop working properly. So, a shop with 20 plugins must be certain that all 20 plugins are always up to date. 



We can help with this (we have a maintenance plan for that!) by making sure that everything is always updated properly and that any issues are dealt with immediately.


Not Everything is Free

Something that catches business owners by surprise is that not everything is free. WordPress and WooCommerce are free but some plugins that provide added functionality can have one-time, yearly or monthly fees depending on the plugin and functionality. For instance, if you want to accept credit cards from Moneris or Chase and pretty much every large merchant provider you must pay for the functionality.



We know all the best plugins that are commonly used and can keep your costs to a minimum.



Scalability was listed above as an advantage, but it can also be a disadvantage if your site has more products than WooCommerce and your host can handle. Most standard hosting accounts struggle with the larger database size and eventually sites begin to run very slowly, especially on the admin side which then costs you time and on the front-end which diminishes user experience, and hosting a busy ecommerce shop with thousands of products on your own gets to be expensive. So, if you are planning on carrying thousands of products and having lots of activity, this may not be the best platform for you.



We can walk you through your options in choosing an ecommerce platform.



Because WordPress and WooCommerce are open-source software it is available for free, which means that support is not included. You will need to rely on yourself to learn the systems and trouble shoot problems.



We have a support plan that includes the full management of your WooCommerce website. Problem solved!

Is A WooCommerce Online Store Right for You?

A WooCommerce store is perfect for small businesses looking for an affordable and robust solution to selling their products online. You can have an ecommerce store and add in all the functionality you desire along with an admin area that is easy for owners and staff to use. Add design flexibility and you have a great all-inclusive platform.


The only negative considerations are the facts that the software doesn’t have customer support, they rely on agencies like us to provide setup, maintenance, and management. Additionally, hosting must be paid by you, which is affordable as long as you have a store that has an acceptable amount of traffic for your server.


Contact us today with your questions, we are here to help.