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Includes everything from our SEO services page. This page provides an overview of WordPress SEO for your reference.

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We love WordPress! We have built hundreds of sites in WordPress for companies big and small and we know all the ins and outs when it comes to WordPress and SEO. 


With over 40% of sites built in WordPress, it is the largest CMS (Content Management System) platform in the world. With that comes thousands and thousands of plugins that do every imaginable function you could want in a website. These plugins add a unique challenge to SEO, as well as the base template your design is built on. When it comes to SEO you need to really know WordPress and it’s plugins to get top search engine results.


Things that we factor when it comes to WordPress and SEO results:

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Best Plugins


There are several SEO plugins available but you also need to be sure it’s compatible with other plugins that will add content to your pages such as WooCommerce, blog pages, event schedules, FAQ’s etc.


In addition not all SEO plugins are created equal so you will need to research and test them for your website.


We recommend the Yoast SEO plugin as it is a complete solution for SEO in WordPress and its free version is plenty good enough, there is no need to use the paid version. 

URL Structure


You can change the WordPress permalink structure easily within the settings of WordPress so that they are optimized. As well, using the correct parent / child structure and permalink settings, all combined with the right menu set up is crucial to having the best hierarchical structure for Google and SEO rankings.

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Speed Issues


WordPress is well known for having speed issues due to the way plugins effect the overall code and of course the template your design is based on. Also not utilizing compressed images can slow things down even more.
Having the right plugins to improve speed is important for overall Google rankings is more important now than ever.


We are able to make your slow WordPress site become a track star so that users get the best experience and Google is happy.



Safe and secure websites are crucial this day and age and Google places a lot of emphasis on it. Another issue is hacking and making sure you have the best security plugin to protect from brute force attacks and injection attacks. It doesn’t make your site foolproof, but it does give it the best chance possible.


We ensure that every WordPress website we build is secure with the latest security plugins for the best protection available.

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Plugin Compatibility


WordPress plugins can break down, conflict with each other, stop working properly when they need to be updated or not work a version of WordPress.


These issues can really impact a websites functionality, speed, security and SEO and need to be dealt with immediately.


Luckily you have us, and we will make sure that you have all of the best plugins that work nicely together. We will also keep them all updated and optimized for speed and security. 

Common WordPress Problems


We will also scan and look for other common SEO issues that WordPress websites can experience which include trouble indexing pages, duplicate content, duplicate meta tags and broken pages.


Because pages are built dynamically and different plugins control different aspects these are common issues that can hide in the background and cause ranking issues. So we will be sure to monitor your website for these issues and fix them as problems arise.

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